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More and more attention to new energy sources
Published£º2010.03.01 News source£ºQin Huangdao Donwoo Electronic Co. Ltd. Views£º
China's production of solar water heaters and solar cells are more than any other country. China's production of solar panels more than 90% are exported to European and American. Moreover, China is one of the largest country that it is has wind power installed capacity, in recent years, increase is more than 100 percent every year.
Two years ago, China has make a renewable energy development plan, and the plan is still relatively conservative. Planning is the wind power installed capacity by 2020 to reach 30 million KW. This year we have closed to 30 million kilowatts.
With the cost of solar PV cells gradually reducing, the various local start development. It is establishing  large-scale PV power plants in the western region, and carry out integration of solar energy and construction in the eastern region. The future solar energy will be developed faster and faster.
In my opinion, the next 10 to 20 years, China's renewable energy will be the main energy sources. There is a great prospect to research and develop renewable energy in China, at the same time , it provides a lot of chances for investors.
In the past, we didn¡¯t attend industrial revolution, it was far cry from what we had expected. But in this new energy field, China is possible to become a leader in this industry. This must be to encourage scientific and technological innovation. leading of advanced technology cannot be achieved unless there is a system to encourage innovation.
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